Un-sticking Stuck Rod Ferrules

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I bet that you have had this problem with any type of fishing rod that you use.  Stuck ferrules - it will happen to you if you fish, guaranteed to happen.  Here are some things that you can do to prevent this from happening, some things that you shouldn’t do and a tip on how to get those ferrules unstuck.  It is a rare problem, but it does happen. What can you do to separate the stuck pieces?

What Not To Do

Before considering the solutions, note a few things you should not do. It is not a good idea to forcefully twist the rod, use pliers, vice grips, bench vices or any other mechanical equipment to hold the rod. Under no circumstances should you use the guides to get a better grip on the rod.

What worked for me

Finally, to prevent the segments from sticking again use a method that has been around for decades. Rub the male ferrule behind your ear. This action applies a coat of oil from your skin and helps keep the ferrules from sticking again. You can accomplish the same thing by rubbing the male ferrule along side you nose.