The Florida Keys were a place where I wanted to go for many years and when my wife Gail said that “we were invited to go with three other couples, “I said “let’s do it”

The trip came just 4 days after the Pere Marquette yearly fishing trip but I didn’t care; we were going to the keys.  We left our home early Thursday morning and looked forward to our first nights stay in St Augustine. The last time Gail and I we were in St Augustine was over 40 years ago.  We met up with the rest of the group later that afternoon and decided we were going to eat in one of the many restaurants in old town.  After dinner all of us agreed that it would be best to get a good night’s sleep as we still had a long way to go to Marathon where we would be staying.  

It was a short night and we set off for Marathon after breakfast.  We followed George and Bertie and somehow got lost somewhere near the Miami airport.  I bet I know the back roads of the Miami airport better than anyone else.  After a few phone calls back and forth to Bertie we eventually found the correct route.  We met George and Bertie, Charlie and Carolyn at our rendezvous point and headed to a local restaurant for lunch.

After a great lunch we were finally off to meet every one once again in Marathon.  We arrived, unpacked our clothes in our assigned rooms in the “big house” and then went to a restaurant right on the water where we had a great dinner while we watched the sun setting.  

We had a great time as you can see from the snapshots that were taken during the adventure on the Keys.

The Florida Keys

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