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The Retired Guys store is your store for fly fishing gear - equipment that you can use...

A place where you can go and be assured that the gear that you see has been used and tested by the retired guys world staff and you - the customer.  You are "allways searching for the best of the best." so is the gear store.

We are here to find the best products and offer them at affordable prices so that you can enjoy the sport  that you are engaged in.

Going to a "super sized" tackle shop paying their outrageous prices is not our idea of enjoyment.  What you want is gear that has been used by folks like you and it’s so good that you end up buying more and telling your friends where you got it.  That's our goal - being your gear store where its easy to shop, has great quality, affordable pricing, and great service.

As mentioned above our other job is to provide you access to the best of everything that retired guys and gals want and can really use to enhance your fly fishing experience.  

We stand behind products or services that we have links to by carefully evaluating or actually using as many of the products or services that they provide.

We truly believe that we can provide you with the "best of the best" no matter what it is.  

We hope you wiill give us the opportunity to help you to experience the "best of the best."  Geo… “one of the retired guys.”

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S&D Products Inc.

Greenville, SC 29607


Tel: 864/420-7664

&D Products Inc.

Greenville, SC 29607


Tel: 864/420-7664