Near Miss

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Many of you wear glasses as I do - little do you realize how much danger you are in the event that your fly becomes stuck under a rock or in the mouth of a 30 lb King Salmon.  You pull and pull and the rock or the limb that you fly is hooked to gives way and your fly or fly and a small lead shot rockets back towards you.  Sometime back a friend of mine was fishing with his father when what I just described took place and he is hit in the glasses and the fragmented glass took his eye out.

Yes, this is something very serious as the near miss in the photograph shows.  A heavy King had a hook in its jaw and suddenly the fly and the lead shot make a beeline for Ken’s head.

Yes, a near miss but in this case, Ken was using sunglasses that had plastic lenses - these could have blunted the force of the lead shot that instead hit his forehead.  

When wearing glasses please make sure that they are at least shatter resistant or made from a poly carbonate material.  This goes for the sunglasses that we wear or put over our glasses.  You cannot be too safe when it comes to protecting your eyes or not.

Ever wonder why a rod breaks - it may be that same errant BB lead shot that has come back at you and your rod took the hit - the results are shown in the photo which shows a shattered rod - imagine if it was your eye…..