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Gadget Lanyard Kit

The Gadget Lanyard Kit is a great new item from S&D Products Inc. – a replacement for that accessory lanyard that hangs around your neck. This accessory lanyard attaches to your wader straps and keeps your forceps, nippers, floatant, and other stuff across your chest within easy reach and more importantly out of the way when bending down to catch or release a fish. It only comes in black.  

It has three attachment points to which you can hang your favorite gadgets. It also has an orange whistle which is loud and can be used in an emergency to signal for assistance or let your “buds” know where you are catching fish - NOT.  It is made from military spec 550lb parachute cord and woven in a beautiful cobra knot pattern. This version has further improved with two quick disconnects which remain on your straps - this version does not come with the gadgets shown in the photo.  Get one for yourself or as a gift for one of your fisher friends.

$19.95  with free shipping

Suspend A Net™  (SAN) - Magnetic Net Keeper

Suspend A Net™ is for those of us who do not use a fly fishing vest but still want to carry a net.  Suspend A Net™ attaches to your suspenders by replacing your existing wader strap divider.  It also can be connected to the “D” ring on a jacket or shirt.  

Suspend A Net™  comes with two strong magnets: one is already attached to the Suspend a Net™ wader strap divider.  The other magnet is attached to the bow of your landing net with the black nylon strap and split ring.  We suggest that you attach the black nylon strap at 11 o’clock on the bow of your landing net - this slightly cocks the net handle to the left so that you can grab the net when you are ready to land that monster.  If you use your right hand to land a fish place, the black nylon strap at 1 o’clock on the net bow.

Another great use of the Suspend A Net™ ...

Do you use a wading belt and wading staff for wading our rivers – if you don’t you should?  Some wading staffs may have something to retrieve your wading staff when you are not using it – some don’t.  S&D Products Inc. has come up with a novel use of the Suspend A Net™ (SAN) - attach it to your wading belt – one end of the magnet is attached to your wading staff and is ready to hang by your side when it is deployed– out of the way when you are not using the wading staff.  Get the staff magnet near the other magnet on the SAN separator & like magic, it is hooked up out of the way and ready to use again.


Great gift for any fly fisher! $19.95  with free shipping

Net Magnet

A super-strong net magnet (8.37 lbs) that will hold up your net - even a heavy net and keep it in place on your fly vest or wading jacket “D” ring, or your sling until you need to use it.

We attach the lanyard to the net’s handle, the other end of the lanyard is attached to your wading belt by wrapping the lanyards carabineer around the wading belt.

To make it even easier for you to grab the net handle, tie the net magnet in the eleven o’clock position on the bow of the net. Doing this will slightly cock the net handle to the left so that it is there within reach. If you use the net in your right hand, then attach the magnet at the one o’clock position.

To reconnect your net after just catching that monster position the net near the Suspend A Net™ magnet that’s on your vests “D” ring or wherever you have hung the second magnet, and it will hook up.

Buy one for yourself or a fisher friend – makes a great gift…

$16.95 with free shipping

Convertible Wading Jacket Lanyard

The Convertible Wading Jacket Lanyard comes with everything needed to attach to the outside of your wading jacket.  

It also comes with the wading strap attachments so that you can use the lanyard during pleasant weather  - attach the wader strap ends to your wader suspenders and re-attach the lanyard strap, and you have a lanyard that good for both good or inclement weather.

Convertible Gadget Lanyard Kit

$21.95 with free shipping

Are You Armed?

Are you armed is a simple question but if  aren't it could be a very bad day for you or your family.  The question is more than a reminder that could one day save your life or the lives of your family members.  

These are very turbulent times, and sometimes we need to be reminded to do something.  Most people who carry a weapon say that they never are without one. But you and I know this is not always the case.   It has happened to me and it wasn’t very pleasant.

Place the RUA stickers on you dash, your rearview mirror or anywhere that will ask you the question “Are You Armed?”

Cost is only $3.00 for both stickers with free shipping.

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