“Let out a nice one -  Dad has gone home!”

The Benteen Place Hunt – Piney Woods of Georgia

The first hunt on "The Benteen Place" turned out pretty well.  With the temperature in the mid-’30s during the first light of the morning we all sat huddled in the warmest clothes we could put on – hoping for that "big un" to walk by.  Now for us on the Benteen hunt, a "big un" has to be at least four points on one side - outside the ears type of deer. None of those forked horns or six pointers for us – we had moved up….


Everyone chose the stand that he wanted and scurried on down to each of them without making too much noise and then waited and waited and waited.  We could have stayed in bed a little longer – nothing moved not even a squirrel until the sun came up and the clock hands moved past nine am.


What I saw from my "Roadhouse" stand were a whole bunch of turkeys as they launched themselves into their short flights to the forest floor.  It all started with a soft "cluck" then another, and another and then one by one they took flight only to land about 20 yards behind the stand.  Mr. "long beard" stared me down and disappeared without a sound to take his place between his flock….  They appeared out of nowhere about 45 minutes after they landed and stole one by one across the road with Mr. "long beard" coming across last – brave lad he was….

Later, I saw one deer sneak off in the same direction as the turkeys. The trail that the deer took was really worked up by the turkeys clawing for every last acorn.


The next day it was much the same except this time a shot rang out from the direction of the Turkey stand – a nice heavy doe was taken. Not ten minutes later another shot – this time from the direction of the Squawking Doe stand and a really nice eight point came to rest on the forest floor.  It could have been an honest ten point but the main tine was broken off in a fight with another deer or maybe a tree.

More cold mornings, windy afternoons and no deer to speak of took their toll on us – our evenings were highlighted with great food and the stories of what we saw or didn’t see when afield.

My son took a really nice eight point Sat. evening while hunting the "north 40” - he evidently had called the gamekeeper and said, "let a nice one out – my dad has gone home."

Great hunt, many more to come from "days in the field" while on "The Benteen Place."

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