Lac La Belle

From 1980 to 1984 Oconomowoc, WI on Lac La Belle was one of my favorite hometowns. Real-estate was flourishing; it was then I also became a business owner. Fan's N Things on Main Street.  I had learned about ceiling fans in Florida and knew they would be even more effective in the cold northern winters.  I opened the first ceiling fan business in the state; from there, it went commercial. That, coupled with the real-estate career left little time for relaxation.

One day I stopped at a yard sale and spotted an old, oil brush - painted green 14' boat and motor with small trailer. It reminded me of what the students rented on lunch break in the park across the street from Bay View High School, 15 cents for half of an hour. It had two flat board seats. “I must have this for my lake fishing,” I thought; it would rescue me from work. All sorts of dreams of no paperwork and beepers going off continually........beepers!  

I'm really not that old am I?

I had my own way of fishing on Lac La Belle. I would go alone in my bikini, lay down in the boat with a pillow on the seat. I had a simple cane pole with slip bobber online and worm or leech bait, pole loosely held in hand, dangling over the side.  The large old dented metal bait can sport an ill-fitting lid with holes; good enough for my adventure. Lac La Belle had a mix of fish, Walleye, Crappie, Bass, Perch and sand dabs.  I was only interested in fishing the weed edge, 12 ft. deep. I could hide from the outside world for a couple of hours. Without trying I can remember fish biting every few minutes. I will always remember the wildlife and silence; the few hours of peace in my world; those were the days.  In fact, I probably should have never left beautiful Oconomowoc.

Sorry no bikini pictures - Donna

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