“Dad, hunt from the Turkey Stand!”

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It was a typical day on The Benteen Place, a day of decisions, a day when a decision could have gone my way instead it was a great day for my son Michael.  On the drive into the Benteen Place Michael says to me, “Dad, hunt from the Turkey Stand.”  My quick response to him was “Michael, all I ever see from that stand is does and small bucks – nothing else in all the times that I have hunted from it.”  Michael then says “there has been a big buck working the does; you should sit there this morning” he will come from behind and on your right.”  Once more I decline and tell Michael that “I am going to hunt the Creek Stand.”  

Now I have shot some fine bucks from the Creek Stand and once settled in I try to remember each one of them. My sling has at last count 32 notches - one notch for every buck, one black bear, one caribou, and a huge Alaskan moose. The sling is the original one that I purchased from the PX along with my now battered Remington 7mm Mag.  The 7mm has served me well.

This morning was not going to be a day that I added another notch to the sling because at 8:05 a.m. a shot rings out from the direction of the Turkey Stand.  I am startled when five minutes later my cell phone goes off and you can guess who is on the other end. Yes, it was my son Michael who says “Dad, it’s an eight-point, no, it’s a nine, and oh heck I have to get down from the Turkey Stand to count the points.”  Quickly, I get down from the Creek Stand and hurry over to him and yes, it is a truly beautiful deer – a ten pointer.

Now, I am sure you know what my son said to me but you would be wrong because he said “it wasn’t to be” and he was right “it wasn’t to be.”  What it did become was a very fond memory as well as a learning experience – listen to your son once in a while – it may the best decision you make….