Come Join Us It’s a Great Place

Retired Guy’s World

Released to Fight Another Day

A beautiful brown trout caught on a Sulphur emerger on the

S. Holston River in northeastern Tennessee

Our world includes our significant others, our children, grandchildren, and all the friends we have been fortunate enough to have.  

Life has been filled with surprises - some are good - others could have been better - we should never forget how lucky we are.  

Our world is full of great people, places we have not been to yet, and wine and single malt scotch still to taste.  

Come along and continue to be surprised… We are surprised every day….

We know you will be also.

Catching a fish the size of the one almost in the net is what we as sportsman dream of but just do not either get the chance or we just dream of the event.

The retired guys and gals that do catch a fish that fits the net they buy a bigger net for bigger fish, they get off their butts and keep on going - doing the things that inspire them.

Our worlds are filled with surprises, great sunrises and sunsets, shared smiles, and new friends.  What are you going to do today?  Tomorrow may never come... So get off your butt and do it...

We help our neighbors,  watch our children grow up, wonder if their kids will have the chance we had and worked so hard for, plant our gardens, work on cars, play cards, help our churches, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook all day long.  

We Google this - Google that and wonder how we ever got along without all the gadgets we have. Then we remember when we did not have these gadgets and how great it was - 57 Chevy's, Elvis, sub-races, eating at Al’s Custard, buckles on the back of our pants, DA’s - “Hollywood” haircuts; in those days long gone by….

Almost too big for the net!

Are You Ready to See The World?

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